Two more junk items

I bought two more items from MSU salvage for $5 each that are used to calibrate a CRT or LCD screen for photography. I listed them Friday and it’s Monday now and one of them has 28 watchers and is already up to $61. The other has 8 watchers and is at the minimum bid still.

They are doing much better than I thought. I didn’t know if they would sell to be honest, but if they get what they are worth, then one might go for $100 and the other $50.

I also found another photography item at MSU for $149 that needs a $30 power adapter and might go for $400. I’m going to look at it tomorrow.

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Ballad of the iPhone guy.

Last post I told you the iPhone sold for $132.50. Add $9 for shipping for $141.50. Next thing I hear the guy writes me telling me he bid by mistake and would like to cancel. No problem I guess. I cancelled, he accepted, then shortly after that said he could come up with the money after all and wanted to cancel the cancellation. Oh boy.

I had to check on how to do that. Turns out that there is no way in eBay to cancel a cancellation so we decided for expedience to sidestep them and go straight to pay pal. Well after misspelling his email address twice trying to send him an invoice i finally got it to him and he paid by echeck. I had no idea what an echeck was, but I assumed it was safe, so for speed and to get the item off of my hands i shipped it.

Well it turns out that echecks take 3 days to clear, and this one bounced. They will try to process it again in another 3 days. Hopefully this guy is on the up and up and can pay, or at least does the right thing and ships it back. If not I’m out 1 iPhone or $141.50.

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All my IRA is in TEPCO now and it’s beginning to see some gains.

Junk fund gained $90.99 from the PENTASCANNER and another $132.50 from the sale of my old IPhone. Not sure if I should count thatninto the junk fund though. We’ll see.

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Stocks way down today

Made some money junking batteries today. $118.50. Drew out $100 of it though for bills.
Junk fund total income $153.50, with $33.50 in cash. The eBay sale is still pending.

Stocks dropped too, bringing the stock fund down to $12,450ish. Optimism remains high. Not sure why it dropped so much.

Put my old phone on eBay too, but I’m just going to add that to the same fund the $100 went to and not apply it to the scrap account. It’s only fair.

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Junk pulls ahead

Junk fund got a $15 boost from scrapping our old washer. I also have some money from batteries coming tomorrow that might be $50.

Stocks dropped in the early hours but came back up late.

Junk = $35
Stocks = $12985

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Current status

Junk / EBay: Value = $20

I have the Pentascanner on EBay with 6 days to go. I expect it might fetch $150 or so.

IRA: Value 3/22 = $12678.14
IRA: Value 4/14 = $12945.11
Gain: 2.1%

Money is in three securities. Fidelity Small Company, which has gained like $30 since March 22, Mitsubishi UFJ (MTU) a bank connected to the recent earthquake in Japan which is up a couple hundred since March 29 and TKECY which is an ADR for TEPCO the Tokyo Electric Power Company which owns the Fukishima reactor which is pretty much garbage at the moment. It’s gained about $300 in two days.

Previously I also made a little on Sprint when it dropped after AT&T announced it was acquiring T-mobile and Walgreens which dropped more than a bad earnings report said it aught to.

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First Trades

Welcome to uptrade. I’m David Beck and like a lot of people today recent times have hit hard on my family. I’m 41 and have been laid off from the auto industry in Michigan where I am a machine repairman. Fortunately I’m back to work, but our recent contract reduced our pay and benefits to the point where I considered bankruptcy.

Also like most people I have been pretty good at managing my debts. At least until the last few years. Two kids, being laid off, reduced pay and a student loan have overwhelmed my last three attempts to use the snowball method to get out of debt. At this point I had no real options and had resigned myself to always being in debt, never retiring, and not being able to put my kids through school or give them the life that my father, working the exact same job I do, provided for us.

When the company I work for terminated the 401k for hourly employees I figured I’d cash it out and try one last time for a snowball, but with what i had left in it after taking payments from it the past couple years it clearly wasn’t going to do enough. So I started looking at other options. Bankruptcy, putting it all on red at the casino, taking the longshot at the track, not good.

Enter the uptrade. I found out as the time to decide what to do with our 401k approached that it’s possible to just trade it in stocks yourself rather than in mutual funds, which won’t have the gains needed to achieve my goals. So I agonized over a broker and eventually chose Fidelity. As I waited and waited for the meager $12k to transfer over, I began to learn how to trade stocks successfully. I checked Investopedia, read about IRA rules and played stock market simulators. I made 8.5% in my first month, of simulation only trading, mainly on HERO.

Finally, the real money arrived.

About two weeks later a coworker of mine let me in on a tip that MSU salvage had some pavers for a big bargain price. I don’t have a trailer but I do have a need, and a friend that also has a need and a trailer, so I set off to do the scouting for him. Basically the arrangement is that I go see if they are available right when they open, buy enough for both of us, then give him a call to come pick it up. He pays me back for his portion of course. It’s a good deal. Long story short the bricks were gone but they had another treasure. A Pentascanner Cable analyzer, of the type that the cable guy uses to properly install and diagnose your cable TV and Internet system.

I looked it up on the Internet right there at the store and since refurbished ones seem to sell for $500 and it seemed to work, I thought I’d take a chance at $20 and see what could get on EBay for it. If I get $100 I thought at least i can buy the scooter windshield I want.

Then today i got to thinking about my stock fund, and this EBay item and I came up with the idea for this blog. I know it’s not completely original. I remember someone a while back trying to swap up from a pen to a new house and going viral with by blogging his journey. This is similar, and probably owes a lot to whoever that was.

I want to see which fund will grow fastest, the $20 used goods resell fund or the $12700 IRA.

The only real rule is that I will be honest here about what I have done in each account. I might contribute money or withdraw money, though I will try not to do so. So let the race begin!

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