Current status

Junk / EBay: Value = $20

I have the Pentascanner on EBay with 6 days to go. I expect it might fetch $150 or so.

IRA: Value 3/22 = $12678.14
IRA: Value 4/14 = $12945.11
Gain: 2.1%

Money is in three securities. Fidelity Small Company, which has gained like $30 since March 22, Mitsubishi UFJ (MTU) a bank connected to the recent earthquake in Japan which is up a couple hundred since March 29 and TKECY which is an ADR for TEPCO the Tokyo Electric Power Company which owns the Fukishima reactor which is pretty much garbage at the moment. It’s gained about $300 in two days.

Previously I also made a little on Sprint when it dropped after AT&T announced it was acquiring T-mobile and Walgreens which dropped more than a bad earnings report said it aught to.

About uptrade

New Trader with two accounts. One IRA with a starting value of $12670 that trades equities and another with a starting value of $20 that trades used items on EBay, Craigstlist and other sites. My goal for account 1 is to reach the value of my debts by the time I can cash out at 59 1/2. The goal for account 2 is to pay for next Christmas for my two kids.
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