Stocks way down today

Made some money junking batteries today. $118.50. Drew out $100 of it though for bills.
Junk fund total income $153.50, with $33.50 in cash. The eBay sale is still pending.

Stocks dropped too, bringing the stock fund down to $12,450ish. Optimism remains high. Not sure why it dropped so much.

Put my old phone on eBay too, but I’m just going to add that to the same fund the $100 went to and not apply it to the scrap account. It’s only fair.

About uptrade

New Trader with two accounts. One IRA with a starting value of $12670 that trades equities and another with a starting value of $20 that trades used items on EBay, Craigstlist and other sites. My goal for account 1 is to reach the value of my debts by the time I can cash out at 59 1/2. The goal for account 2 is to pay for next Christmas for my two kids.
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