Ballad of the iPhone guy.

Last post I told you the iPhone sold for $132.50. Add $9 for shipping for $141.50. Next thing I hear the guy writes me telling me he bid by mistake and would like to cancel. No problem I guess. I cancelled, he accepted, then shortly after that said he could come up with the money after all and wanted to cancel the cancellation. Oh boy.

I had to check on how to do that. Turns out that there is no way in eBay to cancel a cancellation so we decided for expedience to sidestep them and go straight to pay pal. Well after misspelling his email address twice trying to send him an invoice i finally got it to him and he paid by echeck. I had no idea what an echeck was, but I assumed it was safe, so for speed and to get the item off of my hands i shipped it.

Well it turns out that echecks take 3 days to clear, and this one bounced. They will try to process it again in another 3 days. Hopefully this guy is on the up and up and can pay, or at least does the right thing and ships it back. If not I’m out 1 iPhone or $141.50.

About uptrade

New Trader with two accounts. One IRA with a starting value of $12670 that trades equities and another with a starting value of $20 that trades used items on EBay, Craigstlist and other sites. My goal for account 1 is to reach the value of my debts by the time I can cash out at 59 1/2. The goal for account 2 is to pay for next Christmas for my two kids.
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