Two more junk items

I bought two more items from MSU salvage for $5 each that are used to calibrate a CRT or LCD screen for photography. I listed them Friday and it’s Monday now and one of them has 28 watchers and is already up to $61. The other has 8 watchers and is at the minimum bid still.

They are doing much better than I thought. I didn’t know if they would sell to be honest, but if they get what they are worth, then one might go for $100 and the other $50.

I also found another photography item at MSU for $149 that needs a $30 power adapter and might go for $400. I’m going to look at it tomorrow.

About uptrade

New Trader with two accounts. One IRA with a starting value of $12670 that trades equities and another with a starting value of $20 that trades used items on EBay, Craigstlist and other sites. My goal for account 1 is to reach the value of my debts by the time I can cash out at 59 1/2. The goal for account 2 is to pay for next Christmas for my two kids.
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